We have been developing websites for over 15 years. Some examples are included below. These websites were designed with a clear objective in mind, and this reflects our philosophy towards web design: We first discover exactly what you are looking for, and then provide you with the best solution that will meet your requirements.

digisemp.com. This website is done using Javascript, and was built to provide access to a large collection of mp3 music. The site was designed to allow users to hear the artist's latest creations, as well as access previous works, without being able to actually download the songs.
yogasynergyspa.com. This site was designed to allow customers of a yoga studio to quickly access class schedules and information about the services offered by the studio. The website interacts with another website which holds all of the scheduling information.
touchdownbuddha.com. This site was designed to provide quick, frequent updates that can be easily performed. The site also has a significant database backend, which supports dynamic page creation. Dynamic sites such as these are more involved, and require more planning and design.